Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced Carbon Footprint 

Greenhouse gas emissions account for a significant part of the environmental impact from our production processes. In 2003, we performed our first energy audit and calculated the greenhouse gas emissions from the plant. Since then, we have been working continuously to reduce our energy consumption and achieve a transition to more sustainable energy solutions:


Attends first energy audit performed.


Recycling of heat from compressed air system.


Recycling of heat from production exhaust air.

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* (Gold Standard certified compensation for the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from our renewable electricity).

Since 2004, our CO2 emissions from the plant (scope 1 and 2) have been reduced by over 95%,
whilst at the same time production volume has doubled. Reduction has been made through:

- Change to renewable electricity and heating

- Recycling of heat

- Change to LED based lighting

In 2021, Attends decided to compensate for the remaining 5% and include some additional scope 3 emissions covering employee commuting and to certify the Aneby production plant as Carbon Neutral via Climate Partner.

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