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About Incontinence About Incontinence - FAQ

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No. This is a misconception. Although incontinence is common, not everyone will be incontinent at some stage in life. Bladder weakness can occur at anytime. Women may find it more common than men, especially after childbirth or during menopause. Speak to your GP if you are concerned.
At the beginning of any treatment is the diagnosis by your family doctor. This will tell you the reason for your bladder weakness or incontinence and allow you to choose appropriate treatment options. Try pelvic floor exercises to help strenthen the muscles which aid bladder containment.

Not necessarily. Our super absorbent technology allows us to create products that are thin and discreet. Our Soft/Men's ranges can even be secured to your own underwear! Have a look at the range of products available. If you'd like one of our product specialists to offer personalised advice, give us a call. They can also send you a free sample to let you see for yourselves.