Here you will find our latest updates, case studies and handy hints and tips about incontinence management.

Prostate cancer and Incontinence in Men

If you have an enlarged prostate or are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer you may experience some level of urinary incontinence. Help is available and there are many resources available to give you support and knowledge to help you get through.

Menopause and incontinence - What you need to know

As women get closer to menopause, oestrogen levels drop. This is the hormone that keeps your bladder, pelvic floor muscle and urethra healthy. Less oestrogen causes the pelvic floor muscles to become weak. ..

Managing Nighttime Incontinence: 6 Ways to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Struggling with nightly incontinence? You are not alone. ..

5 signs of bladder weakness in women

1 in 3 women in the UK experience urine leakage in one form or another during their lifetime. You may be embarrassed by this, but there is help out there. If you experience any symptomspeak your doctor or practice nurse if you experience any leaks or incontinence. ..

Easy pelvic floor exercises to reduce effects of bladder weakness