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Attends Elearning Professional Course

Attends Elearning Professional is a free online course designed to help healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of continence care.

We have worked closely with continence nurses to develop our new improved Attends Elearning Professionals course and we are very proud to say Attends Elearning for Professionals is now accredited by the Royal College of Nurses.

Incontinence is experienced by 40% of women and 10% men in the UK. That's more common than hayfever! By helping more people understand incontinence and that it impacts between 3-6 million people in the UK alone, the faster we can end the stigma surrounding it.

A foundation for understanding Continence Care

At Attends, we always look to provide dignity in continence care, and learning from best practice guidance is a great way to help more people understand the safe and effective ways to deal with continence.

Attends Elearning for Professionals has been designed to give a foundation of understanding to workers in healthcare settings. The course provides information promoting continence care, to help make an informed choice about treatment and care. This is ideal for newly qualified or training nurses and helps as a refresher course for anyone that may encounter incontinence in their care. The objective of this course is to promote excellence in continence care and is based on best practice guidance as a reference.

This course has been accredited by the Royal College of Nurses (RCN), so we are confident that clinical professionals and carers can learn valuable knowledge from this free resource.

A digital training resource

Attends Elearning works great on both desktop and mobile, making it easy to learn when it suits you. Once you've registered online you can download our user friendly mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. Just head to your mobile app store and search for Attends Elearning, click download and you can complete the course when you have time as it saves your progress.

The complete course features 6 modules filled with examples and use cases to help you understand the symptoms, impacts and treatments of continence care, as well as testing your knowledge with case studies and interactive learning. A certificate will be awarded on completion of all modules.

Attends Elearning encourages a holistic approach to patient care. Throughout the module there is reference to working with a multidisciplinary team and the importance of only performing tasks when training has been supported in the clinical area.

The information provided in the course, offers the opportunity to develop knowledge which can be used to improve decision making developed in clinical areas under supervision. The modules provide references for enhanced learning but is the responsibility of every nurse to be accountable their own actions.

Attends Support

Attends Elearning is just one of the support tools provided by Attends. We support NHS Trusts in both Acute and HDS settings, as well as Pharmacy, Wholesalers and Caregivers, providing reliable deliveries and engaging product training to help healthcare professionals provide the best continence care to their patients. Our UK team are happy to help with an queries regarding switching to Attends products.

Attends are a leading provider of continence products and support worldwide, to consumers and healthcare institutions, with over 40 years of experience. Attends offer a full range of products for all levels and types of incontinence.

Click here to register online and download our app on the App Store & Google Play Store.

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