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Here, as a healthcare professional you can order free product samples and brochures that can support you in your work with incontinence care.

We at Attends want a close collaboration with you where we work together for a person-centered incontinence care where we offer the right products to each individual user.

Our experienced sales team and product specialists are available to guide and assist you.

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"I have a fantastic job! I feel that everyday I help to make a difference - on some levels. Attends collective knowledge and competence, which I have the privilege of imparting,can increase the users quality of life, facilitate the work of healthcare staff and at the same time contribute to a better environment.It is big!" - Fia

Fia Gunnarsson

District Manager
070 - 559 77 30
Stockholm, Dalarna, Västmanland and Uppland

"The meeting with different people I meet in healthcare are the ones that always make my days the best !!" - Anne-Helen

Ann-Helen Söderström

District Manager

0380-459 12/070-351 14 71
Stockholm & Gävleborg

"The best thing about my job is that I get to travel around and then get a very varied workplace and that I get to meet many new
people, which I find very stimulating.I also have the opportunity to plan and prioritize what my days should like." - Anna

Anna Alkesjö

District Manager

Stockholm,Södermanland & Gotland

"My goal is to support and guide care staff through my work to ensure good and individualized incontinence care.The fact that our products are made in Sweden with a strong environmental focus, while at the same time providing an increased quality of life for the individual,makes me a proud employee at Attends." - Emma

Emma Andren

District Manager

0380-477 01/072-142 73 89

"Good incontinence protection must feel safe, comfortable and discreet.This motivates me to do my utmost to assist healthcare professionals to adapt care to incontinence.In this way,I can really contribute to individuals with incontinence being able to
experience freedom,health and maintained dignity" - Lovisa

Lovisa Dahlström

Product Specialist

Västra Götaland,Örebro,Östergötland
& coordinator Värmland

"My work is about - people and knowledge.About so many things...,from products to education,advice and support.Sometimes
just to listen,so that maybe someone will have a better day in their illness" - Kicki

Kicki Blomquist

District Manager

0380-475 53/070-351 14 66
& Västernorrland

"The best thing about my work is that I am proud of the products I show and all the contacts with new people that my job entails." - Chatarina

Chatarina Staafjord

District Manager

0380-477 48/076-018 20 94
Västra Götaland, Halland, Östergötland 
& coordinator Värmland

"My driving force is to share knowledge and guidance with me in order to find good solutions and facilitate the daily life of the individual."-Hanna

Hanna Andersson

District Manager

0380-475 83

Skane,Kronoberg & Blekinge

"The best thing in my work is to be able to provide good service to our customers,healthcare staff and users all over Sweden.To be helpful to anyone who wants advice and samples of Attend's range." - Rose

Rose-Marie Fransson

Support/Test warehouse
Tel-Attends: 020-77 80 00