• Stretch Pants XXL
  • Stretch Pants XXL
  • Stretch Pants XXL
  • Stretch Pants XXL
  • Stretch Pants XXL
  • Stretch Pants XXL

Stretch Pants XXL

Pack count: 15 pieces | Product code: 203071

Attends Stretch Pants are a range of fixation pants with short legs that are designed to be used with Attends shaped pads to secure the pad in place.

Stretch Pants

A single seam helps to ensure that the pad is correctly aligned and the seam has no contact with the skin which prevents any marking of the skin.

The pants have a short leg for improved comfort, a better fit and helps to reduce the risk of leakage.

Can be washed up to 25 times at 60°C followed by gentle tumble drying at a low temperature.

All pants are white for improved discretion.

Colour coded on the waistband for easy identification of the pant size.

Soft elastic material for improved comfort, fit and support.

Packcount Waist Size (cm) Leg Size (cm) Waistband Colour Material
Stretch Pants S 15 40 - 80 35 - 55 Red Polyester andelastane
Stretch Pants M 15 70 - 100 40 - 60 Blue Polyester andelastane
Stretch Pants L 15 90 - 120 45 - 65 Brown Polyester andelastane
Stretch Pants XL 15 110 - 135 50 - 80 Green Polyester andelastane
Stretch Pants XXL 15 > 130 > 75 Orange Polyamide and elastane

Available Materials

Attends Stretch Pants Factsheet Attends Stretch Pants Factsheet (1455 KB)