Packaging Symbols

Medical devices – Symbols to be used with medical device labels, labelling and information to be supplied – Part 1: General requirements (ISO 15223-1:2016). This part of ISO 15223 identifies requirements for symbols used in medical device labelling that convey information on the safe and effective use of medical devices.

It is applicable to symbols used in a broad spectrum of medical devices, which are marketed globally and therefore need to meet different regulatory requirements. The symbols may be used on the medical device itself, on its packaging or in the associated documentation.

Consult instructions for use

Consult instructions for use – indicates the need for the user to consult the instructions for use.

Warning (Also included on To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bag away from babies and children.

Pads will burn if exposed to flame. For your safety, always ensure careful handling of smoking materials.

Do not reuse

Do not reuse – indicates a medical device that is intended for one use, or for use on a single patient during a single procedure.


Manufacturer – indicates that the medical device manufacturer, as defined in EU Regulation 2017/745 and EU Regulation 2017/746. This symbol is accompanied by the name and address of the manufacturer.

The Green Dot

The Green Dot – It is the license symbol of a European network of industry funded systems for industry funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods. The logo is trademark protected worldwide.

Do not flush in the toilet

Do not flush in the toilet.

Do not flush in the toilet

Do not flush in the toilet.

Does not contain Latex

Does not contain Latex.

Packaging Material

Packaging Material – Identifies the product is made from Low-Density Polyethylene.

CE marked

CE marked – To sell medical devices in the European Union, products must be CE marked. CE is not a quality mark, but compliance with EU Directives requires you to meet specific standards of performance, quality, safety and efficacy for your product type.