The Attends Continence Champions Programme empowers health professionals to excel in
continence care by becoming advocates for the Attends product range. Champions receive specialised
training and support to provide expert guidance, ensuring individuals receive the best products for their needs.

Join us in making a meaningful difference in continence care.

What is a Continence Champion?

Our Continence Champions are health professionals who lead the way in championing the Attends product range. They are expert advocates, committed to ensuring individuals receive the best possible care through precise product selection and fitting.

What does it mean to become a Continence Champion?

Becoming a Continence Champion signifies a commitment to excellence in continence care, particularly surrounding the Attends product range. It means assuming a role of advocacy and expertise, ensuring individuals receive the utmost comfort and support through precise product selection and fitting. This role comes with specialised training, ongoing support and a network of like-minded professionals, all working towards a common goal: elevating the quality of life for those with continence needs.

Are there any pre-requisites to becoming a Continence Champion?

Prior to embarking on the journey, possessing a foundational knowledge of continence care is key. Additionally, strong communication skills, leadership qualities and a collaborative spirit are invaluable. We emphasise a commitment to continuous learning, ensuring that our Champions are equipped to provide the highest standard of care to individuals facing continence challenges.

What are the responsibilities of a Continence Champion?

Being a Continence Champion means embodying our commitment to excellence in continence care. It’s a comprehensive approach rooted in the STAR principles – Support, Training, Advocacy and Resourcefulness. These principles define the core responsibilities and values of our Champions, ensuring the best care for individuals facing continence challenges.


You’re the cornerstone of support for your colleagues, offering empathetic guidance, ensuring comfort and dignity in every step of the journey.


You’re equipped with specialised knowledge, thanks to our training, enabling you to make product suggestions tailored to each individual’s needs.


Continence Champions champion the rights of those with continence needs, ensuring they receive the best possible solutions for a higher quality of life.


Continence Champions excel at providing solutions, ensuring every unique situation is met with confidence and expertise.

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What are the benefits of becoming a Continence Champion?

This journey offers a range of benefits, enhancing your expertise in continence care.
Access specialised training materials, whilst collaborating with a dynamic community of health
professionals. Champion the rights of those with continence challenges and make an
impact on their quality of life through precise product recommendations.

By becoming a Continence Champion, you not only invest in your professional development
but also contribute to a culture of excellence in continence care.

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