Cover-Dri For Babycare

Cover-Dri For Babycare – “It Is The Best Lifehack Ever!”

Cover-Dri for Babycare

Cover-Dri is a popular product used for surface protection. It is one of the most versatile incontinence products, and one of them is to make caring for babies and toddlers easier. Especially if you have more than one!

Anna has been blessed with twins. Having one baby is hard enough, let alone TWINS! The twins are healthy and active, and do as babies do best – eat, sleep, burp, pee and poop. Anna and the family knew about the Attends surface protection range and decided to use it for their babies – genius!

“We were introduced to Attends Cover-Dri at the hospital during birth, and continued to buy it for the changing table at home once we were discharged from the hospital. It is the best hack ever!!”, Anna explains. “We use it on the car seats, the pram, the sofa and anywhere the babies are lying down. It is really light and folds nicely in to the baby bag – we use it on public changing tables as well. Previously, the thought of having to clean everywhere they burp of leak gave me cold sweats.”

Attends surface protectors come in a wide range of sizes and absorbencies. Find out more about the Cover-Dri range here.

* We advise that a baby should not be left unsupervised with any Cover-Dri products to prevent any potential health hazzards.

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