Bedwetting And Office Incontinence Accidents

It Started With Bedwetting, Then I Had An Accident At Work

Simone, 46 years old

I am Simone and I have 3 children. I have difficulties with my bladder. I get sudden urges to go to the toilet and often don't make it in time.

It began with bedwetting issues - I'd wake up in the morning and the bed would be wet. Then I started to get issues during the day too. It started gradually and got worse. I found myself rushing to the bathroom and I would have an accident on the way. At first it would happen once every couple of months, then it became more and more frequent.

There was one time when I had an accident at work and none of my work colleagues knew I had the problem. I went while I was sitting down and the product I was wearing didn't work, so it left a wet patch on my trousers and I sat there for five minutes in absolute terror and embarrassment. Obviously people were totally unaware that this had happened but I thought I've got to say something…in the end I mustered up the courage to blurt it out.

Everyone was fantastic. Very understanding and it made me very comfortable sharing my medical condition. Quite an icebreaker! People started to talk about their own issues and you suddenly realize that you're not the only one dealing with difficult issues. It turned into quite a positive experience in the end because we suddenly realized that we’re not so different afterall.

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