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How can Attends Flex help make inco easier for carers?

Attends would like to thank all carers, in care homes and at home, for their continued effort throughout the Covid19 Crisis.

To help carers choose an all in one product that can be fitted by one person Attends would like to introduce you to the Attends Flex range. Products that can easily be fitted and changed by one person can help reduce the pressure on carers, be that in care homes or at home care.

Quick and easy to change

Attends Flex is a belted incontinence pad designed for moderate to heavy incontinence, but a major benefit to using Attends Flex in care settings is that the product can be fitted by just one person - reducing the resource needed to change patients.

The flexible fixation system allows the belt to be fitted snugly around the waist before fitting the pad, for ease. By choosing a product that is easy to fit and change, the impact on resource needed for changing can be lowered.

Reduce amount of times changed

Attends Flex also features a wetness indicator along the back of the product that provides carers with a simple way to check if the product needs changing, without taking the pad off - not only does this improve wastage in the care setting, but it prevents unnecessary changing.

Choosing the right size and absorbency

Attends Flex make choosing the right pad simpler as the size and absorbency level are printed on the back sheet for easy identification of products in care homes/wards. To choose the Attends Flex products measure the hip and waist size - and use whichever is the larger size to guide product choice. Choose the absorbency based on the volume of urine passed.

Other Product features:

Attends Flex

Attends Flex has a range of features and technologies designed to keep the wearer feeling more comfortable whilst preventing leaks and odours:

Quick Dry - Quick-Dry is the acquisition layer placed directly below the top sheet where the urine enters the pad. It quickly absorbs urine away from the skin and into the pad and prevents the urine returning to the surface. It can handle several gushes of urine without affecting how the pad works which results in exceptional skin dryness and leakage protection for the user.

Odour Protect - Natural Odour Protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells.

Leg barriers - Full barrier leg cuff reduces the risk of leakage.

Attends Flex: Fitting Instructions


To fit Attends Flex

Attends Flex
  1. Measure the hip and waist and using the larger of these two sizes ensure that the correct product size is selected.
  2. Open the product fully taking care to open each belt separately. Position the end with the belts to the back ensuring that they are fully opened before applying the pad. Make sure the back sheet is on the outside and the soft white inner lining is next to the skin.
  3. Gently fold and cup the pad lengthways to ensure that the leakage barriers stand up.
  4. Position the belt around the waist using the blue hook to secure the pad in place.
  5. Ensure that the pad is cupped to form a bowl shape. Gently pull the pad through from back to front and pull up high into the leg creases of the groin to give a snug fit.
  6. Smooth out the pad and pull it up towards the waistband. Secure the product in place by attaching the blue hooks to the waistband

See the video fitting guide for more guidance.

To discuss more information or product options for your care home get in touch with Attends by calling 01924 669260

Our team will support you in choosing the right products for the patients in your care setting, whilst helping you achieve goals such as minimizing resource required and reducing costs.

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