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Attends agrees with the view that it is only by changing the way the world's population behaves and consumes resources that a solution will be found. Whether acting as an individual, a business or a member of a community, it is important we work together to contain and limit any detrimental effects of our actions. The environmental work is an ongoing process that never stops and we all need to be aware of how and why we need to think and act green.

For our part, we believe this means being committed to responsible and diligent interaction with the environment, continuously improving efficiency in energy and resource use, and assessing our operational performance against its impact. We have engaged, and will continue to involve, employees, partners, customers, consumers, and friends in this process to enable the sharing of best practice and mutual learning resulting in, we believe, a far more impactful and productive initiative with greater and quicker progress towards our goal.

One step to take our responsibility and engage is to inform and educate our customers and consumers to choose the right individualized products. The most common for the end users are that they use oversized products with higher absorbency level because they think they need it “in case of”, and the lack of knowledge of the real volume of the leakage. This results in unnecessary high consumption. It’s up to us to guide them and make the best solution that fits their life at the same time we increase awareness for our nature and environment.

You can rely on us to do more.


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All raw materials are selected based on stringent quality, environmental and safety standards in order to make sure that Attends products are safe for the consumers and the environment.

All suppliers are evaluated regarding environment, quality, workplace safety and code of conduct.

Attends products are continuously developed in order to optimize performance and quality while at the same time reducing the environmental impact.

The weight and volume of the products have been reduced by optimizing where the materials are paced in the pad and the use of superabsorbents, using thinner materials and more efficient compression of the products in the bags.

The performance and quality of the product are important prerequisites for an overall low environmental impact, as this prevents the resulting problems that can be caused by a malfunctioning product. Attends has also developed a tool to choose the most resource-saving solution possible, which will affect both cost and environmental impact in a positive way.

The manufacturing site in Aneby, Sweden is working with a management system certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

The system provides a systematical way to continuously reduce our environmental impact and ensures that the plant is periodically audited by an independent auditor.

Our goal is to continuously reduce our environmental impact by using resources and energy in a more efficient way.

The Attends product design aims to reduce the volume of transport throughout the product lifecycle.

This provides an effect on both the transport of raw materials and shipment of finished and used goods.

Good compression of products before packing and high loading of trucks for maximum filling ratio are measures that further reduce the finished products transportation load.
All shipping agents are evaluated regarding environmental performance.


Recycling Logo
Recycling Logo