The Sensitive
that you deserve

Attends Soft - Silky Soft

You decide
about your life

You want
softness, dryness
and discretion

deserve it

Now we can offer you more than just Dryness & Discretion, we can offer you our Sensitive Protection


Is based on our NEW Silky Soft (Supersoft top sheet). Smooth, soft and kind on skin.

Our Core Technology will help to keep your skin dry.

Dermatologically Tested for skin health.

Our printed Top Sheet looks and feels more feminine.


Is based on our odour protection system and our core technology.

Thin, Dry & Discreet.

Attends Soft can make you feel good

Bladder weakness is a factor that can cause skin irritation.

Attends can make you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.